Friday, June 7, 2013

The Spirited Actor gets hotter

Five contestants thus far have said their farewells in the spirited actor, Marie got disqualified. Chief came back to replace her and got eliminated, again! Lucky left and now she’s back, and the tasks are getting harder by the minute.

It really takes a lot to be an actor. The ‘improvs’, the straight-up script delivery, the emotions, the character personification, the props, the flow between actors, the chemistry, comedic storytelling and timing… just name it!
The contestants have to dig deep to find that which makes them unique, sell it and make everyone believe including the hawk-eyed directors and producers!

Marie got disqualified because acting is 50% talent and 50% personality, guess she never got the memo on the personality part. Can you wait to find out what’s in store for the contestants as the show gets hotter? Will Lucy up her game? Umar work on his delivery? Semira bring her ‘A’ game? or Aisha and Tunji keep the momentum going? After all, to be good takes work and time but to be great takes even more.

Another contestant will say goodbye this weekend as we get closer to crowning Africa’s Next Hollywood Star.

Make sure you follow the series on Africa Magic Entertainment on Sunday at 19:00 CAT or on Africa Magic from Saturday August 4th at 20:30 CAT.

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