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A True Life Story About Séxual Immorality In Banking Sector

As a new employee in Ecobank back in 2008, we were given targets from the Head Office – to ‘get’ deposits, like they were hanging on trees and all we were to do was ‘pluck’ the monies.

Most women told me horrific stories of how they had to affairs with men and women alike, all in the name of getting ‘deposits’.

One particular incident stays with me:

I had walked into the office of this well known Independent Oil Marketer in my region – my church-member, to sell him my bank services, even though every other bank was offering same services. In his expansive office, he offered me this plush chair to sit on, and then he hastily went on to get me drink.

I sat calmly, as my heart thudded in my chest, even as I thought of what to tell him since all I had planned to recite had evaporated immediately I beheld his lewd smile. He wore that same slimy smile as he offered me the bottle of Maltina.

“My pretty baby, what brings you to my humble office?” He was frenzied with excitement. He brought a low chair and sat opposite me, his knees almost grazing mine. He didn’t give me chance to catch my breath and confidence. My stomach quivered in fear. He knew this game well.


“Call me, Ken,” He quipped in. He was almost as old as my father.

“My name is Ukamaka Olisakwe.”

“Uka-baby, don’t be shy. Be free with me. Talk to me.” He quickly grabbed my shoulders, shook them, and then left me again. He launched into a lot of nonsense about how I looked and how he liked my outfit, especially my shoes. I squirmed all the while. “Don’t be shy.” He held my hands in his. I stared at him, and then pulled my hands away.

He asked how long I had been in the banking industry. I said I was new. He beamed. He would give me deposit that would shock my manager. He will make me the envy of all in my branch. Ha! “Do you know if I call your MD and told him I am going to give you N100, 000, 000 in fixed deposit you would be given double promotion? What is even your salary? Do you have an official car yet? I am going to shock, baby. Just ask about me. Do you know how many ladies ‘chase’ me for deposit? I just like you.”

I stared at my palms. My wedding ring glistened. I felt sad, then angry. I knew if I were a man he would not be this informal with me. He would have been respectful and might even have engaged me in a talk on politics or football or the financial markets. But I was a woman, and as expected, I deserved none of those ‘gentlemanly’ discussions. What do we know, we women? We should be seen as séx objects- as toys to be played with, that’s the best respect you could give to a woman. Right? Not as human equals, but as objects to massage men’s ego.

“Do you want to have séx with me?” I blurted.

The smirk disappeared. He looked a little shaken. Then he quickly began to regain the lost balance.

“Ehhh, you are one naughty girl..” The dirty smile crept out again.

“I am not naughty.”

He laughed out loud. “I like you. You are fearless.”

“I didn’t know I was supposed to be afraid of you.”

“No. No. I didn’t mean that. Just surprised by your boldness.” He was laughing still.

“You don’t want to see me bold, Sir,” I said. I wanted to tell him that only a coward, piss-poor-excuse-for-a-man would disrespect a woman this way. I wanted to scream in his face that only fools like him would turn an official visit as an opportunity to browbeat a woman into séx. Another woman might cower, but I am not another woman. I am Ukamaka. If I ever wanted to engage into an affair with you, I would, not because I was forced into it, but because I wanted it. But I quietly stood, patted down my dress and said:

“Thank you and have a nice day, Sir.”

I got to our office and told my supervisor, the good man, Ugochukwu Nwamara, of my challenges. He did the best thing for us – the marketers. He introduced to us the concept of ‘Team Marketing’. He made us confident. He thought us that women should be shown respect not because they should be pitied, but because they are Human Beings, too.

I wish other women were lucky, but it is sad that this modern day slavery is still practiced!

Sahara Reporters

PLEASE HELP ME!! My Husband Is Cheating On Me With A Teenager


Pls I want an advise.i discovered my husband had an affair with a teenager,rented an apartment for her she knew he was married he told her .they had sex he without protection he didnot withdraw  on time part of his sperm spill in her and the girl got pregnant. She Inform him he asked her to Abort it  she later couldn't .she came back few months back after the birth of the baby. She informed him .he is actually sure the baby was his form the beginning.i actually found all this out through his phone.he doesn't know I knew about it.Should I ask him or pretend I don't know what is happening because he has warn me not to touch his phone. Wat should I do pls let me know


Condolence Register: Enebeli Elebuwa

Veteran Nollywood actor, Enebeli Elebuwa, passed away in the early hours of today (December 5, 2012) at the age of 65. He passed away in a hospital, in New Delhi, India, where he was being treated, after suffering a stroke in 2011. He was from Upkane, in Otagunu Local Government of Delta State (Nigeria).

He started acting in 1967. In the course of his career he featured in many television productions and movies. He was especially loved by Nollywood fans in the role of kingpin – a role, which he played in many memorable movies. Some of his movies are Lost Kingdom , Abuja Connection , Sensational , Dons in Abuja , The Corridors of Power , Men Do Cry , Who Will Tell The President , and Royal War .

Once again RIP Sir.

Leave a massage for the family.

Meet Mrs Folorunsho Alakija,the richest black woman in the world

According to Ventures Africa , Oprah Winfrey is no longer the richest black woman in the world, Mrs Folorun Alajika is. Forbes said in November that the billionaire oil tycoon is worth $600 million, but Ventures Africa put her worth at about $3.3 billion. They said her 60 percent stake in a $10.74 billion oil well is worth $6.44 billion.

VA also claims that Mrs Alakija's real estate portfolio is worth over $100 million, and that she acquired a property at One Hyde Park for $102 million, and also owns a Bombardier Global Express 6000 jet which she bought earlier this year for a reported $46 million.

Kenny Badmus - When you say Merry Xmas, do you really mean it?

Kenny is back ... Do you agree with him this time around???

When you say Merry Xmas to me, do you really mean it? Here's how I know you don't mean it.

1. Jesus was born out of wedlock. Can your church take it?
2. Jesus was adopted by Joseph. Do you believe in adoption?
3. Mary claimed she didn't sleep with anyone. She suddenly found herself pregnant and we honestly believed it. Can your choir mistress try that in your church?

For me, the spirit of Xmas is accepting others for who they are as long as they do not cause you any harm. The story of Xmas is a strong reminder to the bigots out there that we can never fully comprehend humanity and spirituality with narrow mindedness. Open your heart this season and enjoy your Xmas to the fullest.

Live and let live ... The EXODUS By Kenny Badmus Coming Soon!

Vice President Namadi Sambo To Get A N2billion Home

Our Vice President is getting a home worth N2 billion from the government of Nigeria. There's a N50bn budget for the Federal Capital Territory and N2bn, according to the FCT Minister Bala Mohammed, is going into the construction of the official residence of Vice President Namadi Sambo, while N300 million is for the construction of the official residences of Senate president David Mark and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu; the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal; and his deputy, Emeka Ihedioha.

via Linda ikeji

S*H*O*C*K*I*N*G! Suleja Church Bombers Promised 72 Virgins - Abuja High Court.

**mobile phone information from the suspects has the Virgins as incentives.
**Do a deed which Allah by his grace and mercy saves you from the punishment of the
**70 members of your family shall marry you 72 virgins in paradise.
**the prophet will be impressed with your actions.
**Allah will Keep your soul in the green birds of paradise.

An Army Officer told the Federal High Court in Abuja on Wednesday that four suspects of the Suleja bombing were promised 72 virgins each as incentives.

The officer, whose name was not given for security reasons, was testifying in the case filed by the State Security Service against the six accused Suleja/Madalla bomb attack.
He said in his evidence-in-chief that the information was contained in a cell-phone confiscated from the suspects at the point of their arrest in Gumel Junction, Kachia in Kaduna State.
The suspects are: Salisu Ahmed, Umar Babagana-Umar, Mohammed Ali and Musa Adam.
Umar Ibrahim and Shuaibu Abubakar, were also standing trial for alleged multiple bombings and killings in Suleja and Madalla both in Niger.
He explained that a total of four mobile phones were ceased from the suspects.
The witness further said that one of the mobile phones carried the promise of incentives and the secret code to arrange and detonate an explosive.
The witness reads the first message as thus: “Do a deed which Allah by his grace and mercy saves you from the punishment of the grave and a dangerous bridge with a speed of light.
“Save you from the greatest fear. Allow you save from hell fire. 70 members of your family shall marry you 72 virgins in paradise, gives you a crown of respect, which even the prophet will be impressed with.
“Keep your soul in the green birds of paradise and your wish to return to the World and die as he died because of the good blessings and reward you encounter after such noble last deed.
“I pray for you to do such a noble deed,’’ the message stated.
According to the witness, the second message reads: “Breast swelling cap clous 500 qds, tap flag’’.
The witness told the court that “I suspect this second message could be a code to arrange and detonate the IED material in their possession’’.
He further said that another mobile phone contained picture of the late Boko Haram leader, Mohammed Adamu, and three blindfold persons carrying AK47 rifles.
The witness said the suspects were arrested on July 28, 2011 in Kachia, on their way to Kaduna where the Vice President, Namadi Sambo, and other dignitaries were to attend a sporting function on July 29 at the township stadium.
Mr Emeka Okoro, the counsel to the accused persons, however, applied for a short adjournment to enable him to access the officer’s statement which was not before the court.
Justice Bilkisu Aliyu then adjourned cross examination of the witness to Dec 6.
Aliyu ordered the State Security Service to avail the counsel to the accused persons with the army officer’s statement.


Veteran Actor Enebeli Elebuwa Is Dead.

Nigerian actor Enebelu Elebuwa who suffered stroke after some months passed out last night in an Indian Hospital in new Delhi.

He was a great actor who saved this country with his acts.

May his soul rest in peace.

Leave a condolence massage for the family.

MUST READ!!! Stop Worshiping Your Pastors - John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

STUPIDITY is when you don’t have a bicycle and you give your last penny to your pastor to buy a jet.
MUMU is when you can’t pay your children’s school fees and yet have money to contribute to your church to build expensive schools which your children will never attend..
IDIOCY is when you refuse to take your very sick child to the hospital because your pastor said you should not do so, yet that same pastor secretly runs to USA for medical attention any time he has a headache.
KOLO is when you see a poor beggar on the road and you refuse to give him 50 naira out of the 5000 naira in your pocket bcos it is your tithe money....
YOU are a zombie when you trek,dance and gallivant for 30 kilometers under the hot sun sweating and smelling like shit during your revival program, while your pastor is inside a full option, factory fitted air-conditioned state of the art SUV with his delectable wife slow driving along the road.
IGNORANCE is when you believe it when your pastor tells you not to live a worldly life, yet he enjoys all the best things in the world;the fine houses, cars, jets, babes etc, while you
are waiting till you get to heaven to enjoy your own....

Stop worshiping your pastors!!! Stay focused on Jesus The author and finisher of your Faith.And learn to study the word. - John Okafor (Nollywood).

2 Explosions Hit Kano Again This Morning

Two explosions have been reported in the Zoo Road area of Kano this morning.

Eyewitnesses confirm that a police post was the prime target of the attack by two men riding on a motorcycle who three the explosives at the post, injuring people.

This was followed by gunshots.

More details as we get them

Celebrity Birthday: Jackie Appiah

Today (December 5) is the birthday of star actress, Jackie Agyeman (nee Appiah). She was born to George Appiah and Janet Owusu in Canada, December 5, 1983. She is the last child in a family of five. In the 90s, she moved to Ghana, where she attended Faith Montessori School, and later Harvard College.

The first movie in which she appeared was Divine Love . Some of her other movies are Mummy’s Daughter ,  Beyonce – The President’s Daughter ,  Princess Tyra ,  Passion of the Soul ,  The Perfect Picture ,  Spirit of a Dancer ,  The Prince’s Bride , and  The King is Mine .

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Actress Bisi Ibidapo Paid To Blackmail Dino Melaye With Fake Pregnancy?

Controversy is presently raging over Actress, Bisi Ibidapo’s real baby father.
Bisi Ibidapo Obe claimed in an interview in October that Dino Melaye, a former Rep member and a married man was the person responsible for her pregnancy.

In the interview, she said they met early April.

Excerpts from the interview:

“I actually met Dino through Lola Alao sometime March or early April and honestly speaking I was in need of help and Lola Alao promised she would introduce me to someone who could help. The person turned out to be Dino. I actually visited him in Abuja. He was forthcoming and helpful. I was not the only one involved then but he took particular interest in me. We got to know each other and at a point I was scared because he was all over me.Overtime, he showed me he meant well and we became good friends”.

7 months later, on Friday November 30th she gave birth to a baby girl.

Dino's friends are now pointing out the dates.

They said Bisi's delivery has further shown that the baby is not Dino Melaye's, that if she truly got pregnant for Melaye in April, she should not have given birth by now, going by her claims in the interview.

Meanwhile people close to Dino said he laughed when he heard about the delivery and also said he's standing by his previous statement.

"I am not distracted a bit about this joke and imaginary creation of a serial liar.

I'm not her 1st victim and may not be the last".

Why I Left Monalisa's Ex-Husband, Dejo Richards- Wife, Lamide

US-based Nigerian woman identified as Lamide who got married to actress Monalisa Chinda’s ex-husband, Mr Segun Dejo Richards in a glamorous wedding ceremony in Nigeria last year has opened up on why she left him.

In an interview with City People Magazine, Lamide said she met Dejo on Facebook in 2009. In 2010 we became very close and started talking on the phone.


I didn't know anything about him and in 2010 I was in Nigeria on holiday but we didn't get to meet. While in Nigeria I got to hear he was married to Monalisa Chinda.

When I got back to the US I did Google his name and I saw the whole story about his marriage. At that point we were already very close and used to talk a lot. Due to the fact that we were very close, I asked him about what I read about him on the internet and he confessed that he was married and didn't talk about it because we didn't have the chance to talk.

I asked him what he did wrong and why he was so violent to his wife. All these questions I asked because we were already very close and he started explaining how he met the lady in London and brought her back to Nigeria to become an actress.

He stated that things started going wrong when she became a Globalcom ambassador and she started misbehaving.

Infact he told me he was not legally married but they work together.I started by advising him on why a man should be very patient with his wife. He told me everything I considered the truth. You know we are all humans and deserve a second chance. We started liking each other and he asked me out.

When we met he proposed to marry me. Don't forget that he was very nice, caring and portrayed the image of a God fearing man. Because I felt he didn't lie about his previous marriage and I was in love with him so I accepted to marry him. On January 22, 2011, we got married.

He proposed to me in August 2010 and that was when he started confessing his financial challenges but promised all will be sorted out before the wedding.

Few weeks later, he told me he had car issues and needed to sell his car to buy another one. He said he needed money to balance payment for the new car and also he needed money to pay his rent.
If you know him well, you will understand what I mean by him having way with words. Since I was coming to Nigeria and he didn't have money for his car and complete his house rent. I helped him out. I will not disclose the amount but enough money to help him with his car and house rent.

When we were courting he told me he doesn't drink and smoke and that he was a man of God but things changed when I got married to him.

One day I caught him drinking in the house and I was surprised. He said he was drinking because he was depressed. Somehow we started having arguments and when we do, he would hit the wall so hard and anything in his way in a very violent way. He was no longer a gentleman.

I was in Nigeria for 3months, I went back to the US and started filing for his papers so he could come and join me. He told me he didn't have money for his passport and I told him I will take care of it. I sent him a document to sign but he never did, things became worse because we were not even talking on the phone anymore.

One day my dad said he had money and wanted to do some business like he wouldn't mind buying iPad and send to Nigeria to sell as long as he makes profit.

Somehow he and my dad got talking, so my dad started sending him iPads to sell. After weeks of expecting the returns, my dad would call him and he would not pick his call and one day I was forced to call him and ask what was going on.

He lied that the person he gave the iPads to at computer village had not given him the money. We had a long break and were not communicating.

I forgot to mention that when I got back to the US in march, in April I sent him another house rent and was sending him money for upkeep.

I tried again to make it work and he said he would change and be a better person, he didn't change though and was not really keeping in touch.

Those were hard times because all I ever asked of him is just to communicate and give attention. Instead he would avoid my calls or shout at me.

Man Walks Into Church, Shoots And Kills Ex-Wife During Service

An elementary school music teacher walked into a church in the middle of Sunday services and shot and killed his ex-wife as she sat in a pew, police said.

Gregory Eldred, 52, of Coudersport, has been charged with first-degree murder, accused of twice shooting Darlene Sitler, 53, at the First United Presbyterian Church, where she served as organist and choir director. It wasn't immediately clear if she was serving in those capacities when she was shot.

Witnesses told police they saw Eldred pacing outside the 180-year-old church before the service and that other members of the congregation grabbed Eldred after the shooting around 11:20 a.m., and held him until police arrived. Nobody else was injured.

The defense attorney listed in online court records did not immediately return a call for comment Monday. Trooper Michael Knight told the Bradford Era newspaper on Sunday that Eldred allegedly walked down the church's middle aisle and fired two shots at Sitler.

Trooper Knight told the newspaper there were no children in the church when the shooting happened, but that police bused all those who witnessed the shooting to a building which houses Potter County offices so they could be interviewed by police.

Potter County Commissioner Susan Kefover told the newspaper the shooting was "devastatingly tragic for the community." "It's hard to even comprehend it. You just feel this tremendous grief and you're trying to process what happened," Kefover said.

In addition to her church duties, Sitler taught music at the Northern Potter Children's School, an elementary school that neighbors the district where her ex-husband taught, for 30 years.

"She's just the consummate professional," Northern Potter Superintendent Scott Graham told The Associated Press on Monday. "The kids loved her. She just did so many things here for the school and the community."

The Northern Potter School District is based in the tiny borough of Ulysses, very near the New York border. It's about 20 miles northeast of Coudersport, where her ex-husband taught school and she attended church, Graham said.

Sitler taught music to all students in the Pre-K through 6th-grade school, and also headed the chorus and band for 5th and 6th graders. She's taught at the district since 1982, so the staff and students throughout the district knew her well, Graham said.

Crisis counselors from surrounding districts and a member of the local pastors' ministerium were at the district Monday. "There's a lot of good things about growing up and living in a small community, and I believe we have a lot of help for the children and the staff members who may need it," Graham said.

Graham said the couple had been divorced for several years and offered no rationale for the shooting. Superintendent Alanna Huck, who heads the Coudersport Area School District where Eldred taught since 1986, issued a statement expressing condolences to Sitler's family and school district.

"There are no words that explain this event, however we will focus on moving forward and taking care of those students who are entrusted to our care each day," the statement said. Eldred also played clarinet for the Southern Tier Symphony Orchestra in Allegany, N.Y.

via ABCnews

Man stabbed to death over Chelsea/ Man City match

Two suspects identified as Kayode Ogunwa and Oluwa Femi, are currently cooling their heels at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Panti, Yaba, Lagos, following the stabbing to death of a hotel attendant, identified as Mr. Otumala Ukama Benson, a 32-year-old, a native of Benue State, over a misunderstanding during penultimate Sunday English Premiership League, EPL, clash between Chelsea and Manchester City football clubs.

The incident happened at one of the popular hotels (name withheld), along Isheri- LASU- Igando Road, near Diamond Estate. The two suspects were promptly arrested and detained in a cell at the Area ‘M’ Police Command, Idimu, and are now facing murder charge in connection with the incident.

According to a police source, the suspects reside at Diamond Estate, opposite the hotel and drove there to watch the match.On the fateful day, the hotel, it was gathered, was filled to capacity and some customers who wanted to buy drinks could not get chairs to sit.

Customers seeking to buy drinks

This prompted the late Ben to ask those watching the match without buying drinks to get up and allow those willing to buy drinks to be seated. The suspects who did not buy drinks refused to vacate their chairs and this resulted in an argument between them and the late Ben. The argument later degenerated into a brawl during which one of the suspects ran to the car and brought a knife with which he stabbed Ben in the neck.

The hotel attendant, investigations revealed, bled to death from his wound before he could be rushed to the Igando General Hospital. His body was later deposited at the Ikeja General Hospital mortuary for autopsy. The “Area M” Command, later transferred the case to SCID, Panti, Yaba, for further investigation.

An eyewitness, who is also one of the managers in the hotel, narrated the ugly incident to Vanguard Metro thus: “Ben was carrying out the instruction of the management that anyone who was not buying drinks should not use the Executive bar but could make use of the general bar. So Ben approached a group of guys, who were just occupying the sofa, and asked them to kindly vacate the place as there were many stranded guests outside who were ready to buy drinks.

“I learnt that this infuriated one of the guys who went after Ben for daring to ask him get up from his seat. He dealt some blows on Ben and in defense Ben pushed him away and took to his heels sensing that the clash might degenerate into a serious fight. But the guy in anger smashed a glass door with his foot and in the process sustained injury on the leg with blood dripping from the cut.

Blood drips from injury

“A guy from the group seeing blood dripping from his friend’s leg went straight to his Honda car with number plate FKJ 436 AH, and emerged with a sharp knife. I tried to stop him but he threatened to stab me if I did not move away. I could see the determination to kill in his eyes, so I quickly stepped aside thinking Ben was still in hiding but not knowing that he had reappeared.

“Ben was being held by the other members of the group who were asking him how their friend got his leg wound. At that point Ben was backing the guy with the knife and the guy went straight for Ben’s neck, stabbing him so deep that blood started gushing out like tap water.

Ben screamed immediately, holding his neck and trying vainly to staunch the flow of blood. Failing to stop the bleeding, he ran outside the gate seeking for help. At this stage, the guy who stabbed him, realising the gravity of his crime, started saying he didn’t mean to stab Ben so deep.

“I ran after Ben and soon caught up with him; but he slumped into my hands, saying, ‘I am going to die’. I assured him that he would not die as I was taking him to the hospital. We rushed him to Igando General Hospital where he was pronounced Brought In Dead, BID, that is dead on arrival. The Police were later contacted and the suspects were arrested and detained.

“We have contacted the families of Ben, they are on their way to Lagos to pick the corpse for burial in his home town.”

Two Disabled Almajiri Women Fight Over A Man

Armed with a knife and cutlass, a disabled woman living in Kamarjiji Vilage in Nigeria’s Federal Capital of Abuja stormed the home of another disabled woman, also living in the village on Airport Road, Abuja, on 21 November.

Was she on a mission to kill? Not likely. What was clear was that Aisha Yunusa had come to threateningly accuse her victim, Hauwa Musa and her daughter of dating her husband and of trying to snatch him. And she wanted them to leave her husband alone.

Though no blood was spilled on this day, the police arrested the attacker, Aisha, and brought her before a Grade One Area Court, Lugbe, Abuja. Her would be victim, Hauwa Musa accused her of attempting to kill her when the case was mentioned 28 November.

Hauwa, a widow, wanted the court to compel Aisha to desist from carrying out her threat to kill or hurt her as well as pay her the sum of N200,000 as damages for defaming her and her daughter.

Hauwa also said that the defendant threatened to kill the two of them, burn their house and harm them if they did not stop ‘seeing’ her husband.

Aisha denied all the accusations against her by Hauwa. But one wonders why she went to Hauwa’s home with a cutlass and a knife, in the first place.

In between the adjourned dates in the court, chief and elders of Kamarjiji village intervened to settle the dispute.

And thus when the parties went back to court Monday 3 December, they told the court they have agreed to settle outside of its confines.

They therefore wanted the case withdrawn.

Hauwa however gave a condition that the case would return if they were unable to reach an amicable settlement.

The Judge, Haruna Manasawa, after hearing both parties in the suit, adjourned the case to 12 December for “report of settlement’’.

‘Odasan’ Premieres in London, December 7

Odasan , a new movie produced by Tope Brass will be premiered in London on December 7. Odasan was directed by Jide Kosoko,Yemi Solade, Akin Olaiya, Joke Jaiyesimi, Toyin Adewale, Abiola Adebayo and Tope Brass. The premiere will be held at Venues 94, 94 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware, London.

When the man of the house suddenly dies, the family of the deceased come in and insist on following ‘tradition’ suddenly they not only lose the father, husband but everything else too. A family in crisis and thus exposed to many temptations ,a young girl succumbs to what appears to be the sure way of success but alas not all that glitters is gold and she discovers the futility of it all, a story of twists and turns with a lot of comic scenes.

Flower Girls: Damilola Adegbite and Eku Edewor

The romantic comedy, Flower Girl , starring ex-Tinsel star, Damilola Adegbite, and Studio 53 Extra’s Eku Edewor, hits cinemas in February. Both ladies are on the cover of the December-January edition of the lifestyle magazine, Genevieve. They talk to the magazine about love, relationships and their promising TV careers.

Speaking on love, Eku Edewor says – “Love should be a little less complicated, especially as life is so complicated.”  Dami says – “Man was not made to be alone.”  She adds that  “it’s possible to be strongly attracted to someone at first sight and always tell if you could be involved with that person.” Their full interview is in the December-January issue of Genevieve, which goes on sale, Thursday (December 6, 2012).

Their movie, Flower Girl is a romantic comedy, in which a shy florist teams up with a movie star to push her lifelong boyfriend into proposing marriage. It was directed by Michelle Bello, and it also stars Chuks Chukwujekwu and Chris Attoh. Flower Girl opens in cinemas on Valentine’s Day  (February 14, 2013).

Photography: Moussa Moussa

Ghana Movie Awards Postponed

The much anticipated third edition of the Ghana Movie Awards (GMA), earlier scheduled to take place in Accra, on December 2, 2012, has now been postponed. The award ceremony will now come up on Christmas Day (December, 25, 2012) at the Accra International Conference Centre.

Chineze Anyaene On How She Tricked Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji Into Acting Together In IJE - The Journey.

Masters degree holder in Film-making from the New York Film Academy (NYFA) Chineze Anyaene, disclosed how she achieved getting Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde and Genevieve Nnaji on her sets, "When I was even thinking of approaching them, a lot of people discouraged me saying the pair don’t talk but I went ahead to ‘chase’ them for months.

"When I called Omotola, she asked who the other actress was, I said Genevieve and when I called Genevieve she asked who the other actress was, I said Omotola (laughs) and she was like, 'has she agreed?' I said yes and Omotola asked me too if Genevieve had agreed, I said yes meanwhile they hadn’t even agreed (laughs) but I had to use that trick to be able to get them together in the film."

"It was a wonderful experience working with these two stars, they knew I was a student at the New York Film Academy at that time.

"So, when the production started on the first day, they didn’t take part but they observed the session. When their turn came, they were very professional all the way, it was pleasant scenery all through."

je was finally released on DVD on Monday, December 3, 2012. The film is sold over N60 million at the cinemas.

LETTER TO THE NORTHERN MUSLIMS... (especially the boko- haram and their sympatizers)

Your actions are the major factor
gives credence to who you claim
to be.

' Your fruit is your proof'

islam should not be a title you
answer to, but let it be an
evidence you

I am tired of your claims that
islam is a religion of PEACE while
in reality, your actions shows
that in islam, war is a religious
duty with universal mission and
(to) convert everybody to islam
either by persuation or force!

Did i hear you say one-Nigeria?

NIGERIANS are fed up with your
peaceful words that contradict
your actions

Your world is tired of your

Explanation is exhibited in the
realms of excuses and ends a
man in mediocrity.

Nothing speaks for you like your

People will only believe you
when they see your outcome.

Your fruit is your work which in
turn is the measure of your

You have to work it out.

Nothing works until you work it

Fruit attracts and compels

Let your life so speak before all
who behold you.

If God is your source, prove it by
your fruits.

Like begets like,

Giants don't give
birth to dwarfs.

God is the most high God, HIS
children cannot be so low.
No matter how much a man
prays, a cow will never fly
because the thing that flies is not
in a cow.

You were created to dominate,
subdue, replenish the earth. Not
to kill and destroy

He said, occupy till i come.

Increase and multiply not to kill in
the name of a god?


Go and make good news


am expecting a change of

BY Seneca Busybrain Chisom

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pictures And List Of Nigerian Artists Who Spent Big Money On Cars In 2012

Luck seems to be shining on Iyanya Mbuk and he says he’s grateful for it. After the Project Fame West Africa (season one), Iyanya who emerged the winner moved into his newly acquired Lekki home in July 2012. With his hit song “Kukere” in December 2011, he followed up with a befitting car – a Ranger Rover Sport SUV worth about 12 million naira in September, that he was reported to have bought for close to N12M. Iyanya himself released the pictures of the car. Yes, he was beyond excited!

J. Martins
Sometime around August, trail blazing producer, songwriter and musician, J Martins, decided to pamper himself silly with the acquisition of two eye popping and expensive wonders on wheels, a Rolls Royce Phantom and Mercedes Benz G-Wagon, after a long spell of driving a modest Toyota Corolla car.

I Go Dye
The warri-born stand-up comic whose real name is Francis Agoda recently acquired two brand new cars in August- A brand new white Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2012 Model for himself (of course he got the number plate customized!) and a Range Rover Evoque for his girlfriend Sharon.

May D
The singer, who recently started his own record label, Confam Entertainment, got himself a 2011 Nissan Maxima with personalized number – “May D” sometime in September 2012.

Davido (real name – David Adeleke) acquired a new ride in October– a bright yellow 2013 Chevrolet Camaro, which is currently priced at N6million. He purchased a N10million Audi Q7 in July.

CEO of Trybe Records, Olanrewaju Dabiri, better known as Eldee Tha Don, has gone a step further in making live comfortable for artistes signed under his record label.
The chocolate skinned rapper housed his artistes in an expensive apartment in Lekki, Lagos. In October, he has splashed millions of naira on a posh car for the artistes.
Eldee recently purchased a 14million naira worth Cadillac Escalade limousine. The expensive car was reportedly bought for the use of artistes under his Trybe Records music label.
Eldee has Sheyman, Eva Alordiah, K9 and Sojay under his label. Eldee is gradually building his music empire. He also recently signed on Dehinde Fajana as his label’s in-house manager. Dehinde once worked with 9ice as manager......See Pictures below:

Son beats father to death and mother to coma

THE dream of any worthy parent is to grow old and die peacefully in the hands of a worthy son.

This dream was a mirage not in the case of Alhaji Abubakar Magaji, who was beaten mercilessly with a fire-wood to the point of death by his own biological son, Hassaini Magagi.

The cruel son, Hassaini Magagi, 23, did not also spare his mother, Hajia Hajara Magagi that night. He also brutalised her to until she went into a coma.

The mother was reportedly responding to treatment in a medical centre in the community.

The calamity in Magagi family had gone through the entire Santolo Village in Dawakin Kudu Local Council, which is about 50 kilometres from Kano metropolis. Hajia Hajara cry for help woke everyone in the community, who eventually rescued her from the “killer son,” only for the Good Samaritans to discover that Hassaini had already killed his own father. He has since been arrested by the police.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in Kano ASP Musa Magaji Majiya said the suspect would soon be transferred to criminal department for interrogation and subsequently charge to court.

The Police also confirmed that Hassaini had admitted responsible for the murder of his father and beaten of the mother but could not give reasons he embarked on the gruesome mission.

The Guardian learnt that “Hassaini Magaji is a drug addict even though he has not been found committing any violence in the community.’

THE Guardian

Heavily pregnant Mercy Johnson on movie set in the US (PHOTOS)

The actress is currently in the US shooting a movie and waiting to give birth to her first child...More pictures when you continue:

Early Morning Bomb Blast In Kano,3 people Confirmed dead

At least three people were injured when a bomb exploded close to the Kano Central Eid praying ground around 9am on Monday.

The bomb was planted close to a spot where Federal Road Safety, Police and other security agents have a post.

An FRSC official, a Hisbah official and an official of a Kano state transport regulatory body were injured by the blast and are presently at the Accident and Emergency section of the Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital in Kano.

Is It Ok For A Lady To Make The First move?

There’s something I need to find out: is it right for a woman to make the first move and ask a man out for a love relationship, especially in a society like Nigeria? There’s a man that I like so much, thinking of him makes my heart leap! The first time we met was at a business seminar, I sponsored myself to that conference but he was sponsored by the company he works for. We were paired many times during the workshops and we talked a bit about various things. I find him breath-taking! I am very single but he is in a relationship (not engaged, just a regular relationship). Now we see as regularly as our work can allow us and we catch up for drinks and movies; but I want to be more than a friend. He isn’t making any romantic gestures towards me, and all the advances I make he does not seem to notice. What do I do – kill my hopes of ever having him OR go all out and ask him out?  And if I have to ask him out, how do I do it? Do I just come out and say it? I have a feeling we will be great together! Please tell me what to do because if he says No, I don’t think I’ll be able to cope! – Patricia

She needs your comment on what to do.

Source: Stephanie Daily

Tonto In The Studio Recording Her New Hit 'POKO' With Akpako Master.

What do you think about the new track dropping soon?

Two Suspected Child Kidnappers Arrested in Ogun State.

The Ogun State Command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps has arrested two suspected child kidnappers in different parts of Abeokuta.

The two suspects – Ronke Akindele and Life Nwem – were arrested in Eruwon and Idi-Ori areas of the city respectively when they attempted to kidnap their victims in separate incidents.

The state’s NSCDC Acting Commandant, Mr. Dele Adetarami, while parading the suspects, said Akindele attempted to kidnap one-year-old Basit, who was playing in company with his three-year-old brother in front of their house at Eruwon.

Adetarami said the child’s mother had gone into the house to get water for him to drink when she suddenly heard her elder child shouting that somebody had taken Basit away.

He said, “She ran out and went after the suspect who immediately dropped the baby and attempted to escape. But the suspect was apprehended by our men who were on surveillance patrol in the area.

“It took a reinforcement of our men before the suspect could be taken away from the scene because the people insisted on lynching her.”

The suspected child kidnapper, who the corps said had already admitted committing the crime, said she was sent by a paint dealer (name withheld) in Ago-Oko, Abeokuta.

“Preliminary investigations by the corps have shown that there could be some accomplices,” Adetarami said.

The second suspect,  according to him, Nwem, had been disguising in the Alapa Unity Housing Estate, Idi-Ori area as a deranged person for quite some time until last Friday when he attempted to abduct nine-year-old Itunu, who was on her way to school.

The NSCDC said, “The arrest of the suspect was made possible following a distress call we received at our headquarters in Oke-Mosan. Men of our Armed Squad raced to the scene of the incident and arrested the suspect.

“He was always pretending to be a mad man but he was said to be in the habit of using money to entice children in the community. But nemesis caught up with him as he attempted to kidnap the girl who was going to school.

“But all efforts to get the suspect to say something have so far proved abortive. However, the case shall be transferred to the appropriate agency.”

Itunu’s father, Kayode, told our correspondent that he rushed out of the house when he heard his daughter crying but was confronted with the sight of the suspect chasing her with a cutlass.

Kayode said in his attempt to save his daughter, the suspected kidnapper bit him on his leg but he was eventually over-powered by other residents who responded to his distress call.

The Ogun NSCDC boss therefore warned parents to always ensure that their children were never out of their sight.

“Mothers and all other citizens should be very cautious and conscious. Never allow your children to go out of your sight for a second. These kidnappers could be hiding anywhere within your vicinity,” he said.

Culled from Punch

Meet Lilien Igwemba, the lady in Klint da Drunk’s life (PHOTOS)

Meet Lilien Klint-Igwemba, the pretty woman rocking the world of popular comedian-actor, Afaemena Igwemba, otherwise called Klint da Drunk.

The pretty mother of two met the comedian in Jos, while she was recovering from a heart break.

The duo became friends and not long after, found love in each others arms and headed to the pulpit in 2007.

Their marriage is in its fifth year and has produced two sons.......More Pictures when you continue:

What a happy family.

Ferguson Tips Mourinho To Succeed Him At Manchester United

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has expressed his belief that Jose Mourinho would be a worthy candidate to succeed him in the Old Trafford hot seat.

The 70-year-old has been in charge at United since 1986 and has yet to reveal when he plans on stepping down from the role in order to retire.

But he has hailed the Real Madrid boss as a man with the qualities to manage the Red Devils in the future.

“He can manage anywhere, absolutely,” Sir Alex told an ITV4 documentary on the Portuguese when asked if the 49-year-old could succeed him at Old Trafford.

“I would never think a guy who hasn’t played a game could be a top coach but then you’ve got to look at his personality. He’s got a marvellous, strong personality and that bridges that gap.

“I remember his first press conference [at Chelsea] and I thought, ‘Christ, he’s a cocky b*****, him’. He was telling the players, ‘Look, I’m the special one, we don’t lose games’.

“Bloody hell, coming to England, he is only a young man and saying he is the special one! But it told all the players to have the belief they were going to win the league.”

Sir Alex went on to reveal he enjoys a close friendship with the former Chelsea boss, adding: “When he comes into my office he can take a joke against himself, that is what I like about him.”

“I give him a lot of stick and he laughs it off. I don’t think it bothers Jose [having a controversial image]. He knows it is results that count.”

S.H.O.C.K.E.R!!! Obasanjo Calls For a Revolution

During a recent conference on youth employment in Dakar, Senegal, former President Olusegun Obasanjo shocked his audience by openly calling for a revolution in Nigeria.

Also, it will be recalled that the former President called Nigerians to come out en masse for a Nigerian type “Arab spring (revolution)” during a workshop on economic diversification and revenue generation in December 2011 at the June 12 Cultural Centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Obasanjo’s call was hinged on the prevailing high rate of youth unemployment, which he estimated to be about 72 per cent. If the audience in Dakar was shocked, then the residents of Warri in Delta State were utterly astonished when he commented on President Goodluck Jonathan’s handling of the crisis in the North.

Most Nigerians are unable to understand why and how a former President could incite the people to the path of revolution as a measure to check unemployment.

They become jittery when such comments come from a retired Army general of the calibre and stature of Obasanjo. His insistence on a revolution has become an unpalatable cliché that Nigerians must decipher.

Obasanjo’s statements are more unsettling because he has unrestrained access to Aso Rock to advise and even brief Jonathan on such issues relating to national security.

Also, he has the opportunity to meet Jonathan one-on-one during their monthly National Council of State meetings in Aso Rock. And so why does the former President rage and attempt to pull down what he has helped in building?

Like all human beings, the former President has his own shortcomings. The most prominent of these is his pay-back mentality for any request scorned or denied.

He believes so much in the myth that he is a superhero. As Nigeria’s patron saint, he believes that he is the best President this country ever had.

Today, Obasanjo’s call for a Nigerian type Arab Spring has revealed his short-sightedness.

The Arab Spring or Arab Uprising started in Tunisia on December 18, 2010 when a Tunisian unemployed graduate Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze to protest police corruption and brutality.

The ensuing protest spread throughout Tunisia with increased violence. The result was that the then Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced to flee to Saudi Arabia on January 14, 2011.

The protests spread through North Africa and the Gulf States engulfing Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria. Echoes of the Arab Spring resounded in Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Djibouti, et cetera.

Today the dregs of the Arab Spring are yet to settle. President Hosni Mubarak was forced to flee on February 11, 2011. And till date, Egypt does not have a stable government as Tahrir Square has become a symbol of the peoples’ solidarity.

Even with the democratic election of President Mohammed Morsy of the Moslem Brotherhood, Egypt is as unstable as an ancient blackboard standing on three legs, with the hind leg broken off.

Obasanjo’s call for a revolution because of youth unemployment is misplaced. People like him should not pray for a revolution, not even for their children because revolutions are cataclysmic, destructive and unpredictable. The no-nonsense former President needs some tutorial on revolutions.

In his recent role as the moderator for Bishop Ayo Oritsejafor’s 40th anniversary on the pulpit, he lambasted President Goodluck Jonathan’s weak response to the Boko Haram crisis.

Obasanjo flaunted his genocidal and criminal demolition of Odi in Bayelsa State, where unidentified militants killed 19 soldiers. Some day, he will appear at the War Crime Tribunal at the Hague to answer for heinous crimes against the residents of Odi.

The former President speaks of unemployment, but he has forgotten that he laid a solid foundation for this by wasting $16bn on electricity generation without any impact on Nigeria’s electricity generation and distribution.

At the time he handed over to the late Umaru Yar’Adua, Nigeria’s electricity megawatts was a paltry 2000 for a population of 140 million people while South Africa boasts 50,0000 megawatts for its 45million people.

Industries started folding up and relocating to Ghana during Obasanjo’s government with hundreds of thousands of workers thrown into the unemployment market. He built a personal library in Abeokuta worth N7bn and coerced Nigeria’s richest businessmen, some of who are his business partners, to bank-roll the project which he cunningly named the Presidential Library Project.

What more can we mention now? Is it the pauperisation of Nigerians due to the increase in the price of commodity items like rice, sugar, cement, flour and noodles, which were licensed to only one man to import, or the quarterly increase in the price of petroleum products?

God save Nigeria.

Darey and wife celebrate 6th wedding anniversary

It’s six years already! Talented Nigerian singer Darey Art Alade and his beloved wife walked down the aisle in December 2006, and they haven’t looked back ever since.

Darey, a revered R&B-Soul singer and Deola, a super-successful interior decorator and label CEO have two kids – a three-year-old boy, Femi and a baby girl ‘Tin Tin’ (who was welcomed this year).

They have together built the Soul Muzik label with Darey releasing his last two albums ‘UnDareyted‘ and the double disc effort ‘Double Dare‘ on the label’s imprint. Last year they added another artiste rapper Mo’Eazy to their label and R&B singer Zaina in 2012.

Congrats to them, with wishes for many happy years ahead!

‘D’Banj Proposed To Me’ – Kokoma

Very few Nigerians will know the renowned musician named Kokoma Ikpong, but majority of people will know her as a very wealthy and young business lady. Few days before this interview, our press team was alerted that she was in town and luckily she was spotted having cocktail with few white friends of hers.

Hi, can we meet you?

I’m Kate Kokoma Ikpong.

We understand you’re not fully based in Nigeria, can you talk about that?

Yes, I’m based in California USA. I have two companies there and am actually running down home finally. I might still go back to California but for now I feel it’s time to come enjoy Africa and do something here, at lease contribute to growth of the country.

You are into music, we have seen your smashing video, can you tell us about your music career?

I have been a music lover right from my secondary school, was the vice president of a choreography club. Then we used to perform every Sunday at the chapel. Started writing songs from SS.2 and I recorded my first single in 2006. I then moved to United States, and have been privileged to be in the studio with amazing artiste like Beyonce, Rihanna, Coldplay, Avril lavigne, Shade Adu and I actually did a song with R-Kelly but that record wasn’t released. So professionally I have been into music for six years.

So now that you are in Nigeria, what’s your plan for the Nigeria Music Industry?

I have always been a business person and truthfully I know what it’s like being new or rather, functioning in a new geographical area or market. So for now I want to make friends, partner with young people and just have fun but also focusing on building a brand musically in Nigeria.

Which Nigerian artist would like to work with?

I have so many of them and truth be told I have a bit of a crush on some single Nigerian Male Artiste. I truly feel Flavour is quite cute and yes my very own D’banj. I’d really like to work with BankyW, Asa, WizKid, Tuface, Flavour, Olamide, Eva, BrymO, Tiwa Savage and the list goes on.

What’s the craziest thing you have experienced so far in the Nigeria Music Industry?

A lot actually, but I still feel Alaba market people are quite weird to me or maybe I just need to understand the Nigerian music business a bit more.

What made you leave the United States to come start all over in Nigeria?

I don’t know actually, but here’s a thing, when I was making plans to come back home most of my friends were like “why are you going to Africa, please don’t go”. Guess what I told them? I sincerely don’t know where that thought came from but I just said, “D’Banj proposed to me.” They were so excited and immediately got their blessings and here I am pursuing that dream to bless the Nigeria Music Industry.

How old are you?
I’m in my 20’s, single and looking for my African Prince.

Source: Information Nigeria

Explosion Hits Kano Central!

Early this morning, loud explosions are reported coming from the heart Kano Metropolitan, around the Eid Ground ... More details later!

Rita Dominic Wins Most Stylish Actress

Star actress, Rita Dominic, yesterday (December 2, 2012) won the FAB award  for Most Stylish Actor (Female). The award was given out last night, at FAB Night Out 2012, which held at Landmark Village, Lekki, in Lagos. She edged out Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Genevieve Nnaji, Nse Ikpe-Etim, and Beverly Naya to win the award.

Award winning actor, Joseph Benjamin won the award for Most Stylish Actor (Male), edging out Ramsey Nouah, Mike Ezuruonye, Gideon Okeke, and Chris Attoh to pick up the award. The FAB Night Out event is organized by lifestyle publication, FAB Magazine, and the FAB Awards are determined by online voting.

Jim Iyke, Nadia Buari, To Be Honoured in Uganda

Jim Iyke and Nadia Buari will both receive honorary awards at the Nile’s Diaspora International Film Festival, taking place in Kampala, Uganda, from December 8-15. They will receive their awards at a gala night to be hosted at the Fountain, at Sheraton Kampala Hotel, on December 15.

Also to receive honorary awards at the same event are Prof. Alhaj Badru Kateregga (Kampala Film School) and Mrs. Mira Nair (Maisha Film Lab). The Nile Disapora International Film Festival will screen over 61 feature films, shorts, and animation, representing more than 20 countries.
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