Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kenny Badmus - When you say Merry Xmas, do you really mean it?

Kenny is back ... Do you agree with him this time around???

When you say Merry Xmas to me, do you really mean it? Here's how I know you don't mean it.

1. Jesus was born out of wedlock. Can your church take it?
2. Jesus was adopted by Joseph. Do you believe in adoption?
3. Mary claimed she didn't sleep with anyone. She suddenly found herself pregnant and we honestly believed it. Can your choir mistress try that in your church?

For me, the spirit of Xmas is accepting others for who they are as long as they do not cause you any harm. The story of Xmas is a strong reminder to the bigots out there that we can never fully comprehend humanity and spirituality with narrow mindedness. Open your heart this season and enjoy your Xmas to the fullest.

Live and let live ... The EXODUS By Kenny Badmus Coming Soon!

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