Tuesday, December 4, 2012

LETTER TO THE NORTHERN MUSLIMS... (especially the boko- haram and their sympatizers)

Your actions are the major factor
gives credence to who you claim
to be.

' Your fruit is your proof'

islam should not be a title you
answer to, but let it be an
evidence you

I am tired of your claims that
islam is a religion of PEACE while
in reality, your actions shows
that in islam, war is a religious
duty with universal mission and
(to) convert everybody to islam
either by persuation or force!

Did i hear you say one-Nigeria?

NIGERIANS are fed up with your
peaceful words that contradict
your actions

Your world is tired of your

Explanation is exhibited in the
realms of excuses and ends a
man in mediocrity.

Nothing speaks for you like your

People will only believe you
when they see your outcome.

Your fruit is your work which in
turn is the measure of your

You have to work it out.

Nothing works until you work it

Fruit attracts and compels

Let your life so speak before all
who behold you.

If God is your source, prove it by
your fruits.

Like begets like,

Giants don't give
birth to dwarfs.

God is the most high God, HIS
children cannot be so low.
No matter how much a man
prays, a cow will never fly
because the thing that flies is not
in a cow.

You were created to dominate,
subdue, replenish the earth. Not
to kill and destroy

He said, occupy till i come.

Increase and multiply not to kill in
the name of a god?


Go and make good news


am expecting a change of

BY Seneca Busybrain Chisom

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