Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Disabled Almajiri Women Fight Over A Man

Armed with a knife and cutlass, a disabled woman living in Kamarjiji Vilage in Nigeria’s Federal Capital of Abuja stormed the home of another disabled woman, also living in the village on Airport Road, Abuja, on 21 November.

Was she on a mission to kill? Not likely. What was clear was that Aisha Yunusa had come to threateningly accuse her victim, Hauwa Musa and her daughter of dating her husband and of trying to snatch him. And she wanted them to leave her husband alone.

Though no blood was spilled on this day, the police arrested the attacker, Aisha, and brought her before a Grade One Area Court, Lugbe, Abuja. Her would be victim, Hauwa Musa accused her of attempting to kill her when the case was mentioned 28 November.

Hauwa, a widow, wanted the court to compel Aisha to desist from carrying out her threat to kill or hurt her as well as pay her the sum of N200,000 as damages for defaming her and her daughter.

Hauwa also said that the defendant threatened to kill the two of them, burn their house and harm them if they did not stop ‘seeing’ her husband.

Aisha denied all the accusations against her by Hauwa. But one wonders why she went to Hauwa’s home with a cutlass and a knife, in the first place.

In between the adjourned dates in the court, chief and elders of Kamarjiji village intervened to settle the dispute.

And thus when the parties went back to court Monday 3 December, they told the court they have agreed to settle outside of its confines.

They therefore wanted the case withdrawn.

Hauwa however gave a condition that the case would return if they were unable to reach an amicable settlement.

The Judge, Haruna Manasawa, after hearing both parties in the suit, adjourned the case to 12 December for “report of settlement’’.

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