Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your interest in placing adverts on our site. Our prices are  on a very CHEAP SIDE at the moment. This is because we just kicked off with Advert placement on our site.

We want our first set of advertisers to benefit from the daily massive traffic we get on our site and only 20 slots are available. We only accept banner ads. Below is our rates:

7 Days (One week) - #2,000

30 Days(One month) -#7,000

90 Days -(Three months) -#15,000

Things you should know :

*Your advert banner will feature on every page of the website

*You get two sides bar adverts; one on the left and one on the right of the blog

*NOLLYTIPS has only TWO banner sizes – 160x600 and 200x300

*All ads should be sent in jpeg format to or no later than 2 working days prior to insertion

*Please include your company name and the URL to which your ad should link. (If available)

*All ads on nollytips are prepaid

*It’s among the top most visited sites in Nigeria

Apart from your adverts running on our site, there are some incentives. This includes posting your details on our Facebook page and Twitter three times daily.

Please send an e-mail to or indicating:

1) Your real name, company name if applicable, and phone number.

2) The name, description and web address (If you have any) of each product/service you want to advertise.

3) The plan you'd like to subscribe to.

If your product/service is suitable for promotion on our site, we'll send you our payment details.

After we've been notified of your payment by our bank, we'll schedule your ads to be shown as soon as possible.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Best Regards,
Kingsley Mbaegbu

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