Monday, July 1, 2013

5 UNILAG Students Involved in Fatal Car Crash at Airport Road Ikeja, 3 Died Instantly, Others Hospitalized "Viewer Discretion is Advised" (PHOTOS)

Five youths, identified as the students of the University of Lagos, UNILAG were involved in a fatal car accident along international airport Road in Ikeja, Lagos. Three reportedly died instantly at the scene of the accident.

According to media buzz, the students left from their off-campus hostel, Emerald to be precise, earlier yesterday, for the birthday of the mother of one of the girls' boyfriend., which went well. Infact one of the boys among the students proposed to the lady in the picture above Adelowotan Oluwafunmilayo, A 200L student of Quantity Surveying, who is now dead, at the birthday party.

And on their way back, they ran into a trailer. Another victim is identified as Eniola, 400L Student of Mass Communication.

Funmilayo, is on a First Class CGPA of 4.71, she was fondly called 'Miss Green' by students and lecturers in her faculty. The remaining unidentified victims are hospitalized. See photos below.

They were very HAPPY just like you, the day they got their admission into the University of Lagos. But they don't know they won't see it to the end.

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nice update you got here love to see more of this cause they are so nice

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