Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man beaten, robbed, stripped naked on first date

A man was hospitalized after his first date has gone terribly wrong.

Shaun Paul Williams, 34, was about to take a girl out for a nice dinner when he was jumped by the woman’s friends.

Williams, told deputies in Flagler County, Florida, that he was beaten, robbed, forced to strip naked and then abandoned on the side of the road during his first date with the woman. Police found Williams walking along the side of a road naked and bleeding on Friday night. According to the police report, Williams met a woman who goes by name “Tree,” and they decided to go out on a date.

When Tree picked up Williams, there were two other men in the vehicle. When Williams questioned the woman about the men, she explained that one of them was her brother and she is dropping them off on the way.

Instead, the brother asked Tree to stop at a cow pasture and Williams chose to jump up to urinate. At that time, the guys jumped him. He was beaten on the head with a hard metal object, while one of the men shouted: "Give me all the money and your clothes," Williams said.

Williams looked up and saw a semi-automatic pistol pointed directly at his face, so he took off all his clothes and gave them $200 in cash, his cell phone, his driver's license and his clothing, which included a gray shirt, a pair of black Dickie shorts and a pair of gray and black DC sneakers.

The two men, who were described as African-American about 30-years-old, left him at the side of the road and they drove off with Tree. Williams, who is professional painter, was hospitalized with lacerations to his face. Police are looking for the African-American woman and the two men, who drove a late-1990s model dark blue four-door sedan

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