Friday, May 31, 2013

Uganda’s Sexiest Woman - Big Brother The Chase $300,000 Too Low For Me

The beautiful Ugandan enterprenuer and singer thinks $300,000 grand prize up for grabs in The Chase is a small amount to spend an entire 91 days competing for. Zari argues that she drives a $389,500 car which is more than the prize money for the reality show.

On Sunday, Zari tweeted, “BBA I drive a car of $389,500 therefore can’t compete for $300,000, its only for small boys” adding, “Was hustling it out this Sunday for tenders while yall chillaxed.

Am making me some #$...”A tweet she deleted immediately she started being reprimanded by fellow countrymen on Twitter.

Ironically, Zari’s ex-lover, basketball star, Isaac Lugudde AKA LK-4 is representing Uganda in The Chase.

Zari and her tycoon husband Ivan Ssemwanga are known for their lavish living and are never shy of splashing cash around.

The power couple owns high-end market cars which include BMW 335i, Black Chrysler, Audi Q7, Silver Chrysler, Hummer H3, Range Rover, a black twin-turbo V8 Porsche Cayenne and most recently Lamborghini, which all have personalized plates.

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