Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jim Iyke - 'My father always said the best exercise of the day is prayers

With kidnap cases being a common trend, do you entertain fears that you could be a victim? There is a certain way I live and I believe people only attract what they feel and what they love. So, if I have fears, what I would attract would be fears and misgivings. I am completely fearless about these things because it is a law of attraction. I have no fear of gunmen or kidnappers because I have not wronged anybody for them to want to harm me. I drive out at 2am and go back to my house at 4am. I just believe that every morning when I get on my knees and pray, God knows my intention. He knows that I am going for my daily bread and I am not in anybody’s way. Though, I have made my mistakes, I have repented from them and go about my business. There are basic laws of existence which people should not violate. If you have the fear of the unknown all the time, you will attract negative things to yourself. I don’t live like that. I am a typical Lagos boy and I have been around all kinds of crimes and none ever got to me.

Why did you go into fashion? Yes. I realised that since I don’t shoot as many movies as I did in the past, I can do other things. I have made that point clear-it is not about quantity anymore, it is about quality and I am very careful about what I do now. The last movie I featured in, ‘last flight to Abuja’ was what ushered in this project I am doing now. In this business, you are as good as your last job.

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