Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nigeria Would Have Been Different Under Yar’Adua - Turai

Former first lady Hajiya Turai Yar ’Adua has stated that Nigeria would have been a different country today if her husband had not died.

Speaking during a memorial lecture organised by students of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University (UMYU), Katsina , Turai extolled the virtues of the late president .“If Umaru were alive, the history of Nigeria would have been different because he had focus,” she said in an emotion-laden voice.
Turai said even though the late president had health challenges while serving as president , “he gave his best for Nigeria ” and “ Umaru was a very honest man”.

According to her, “the late Umaru always said, ‘I am here to serve, not to make money. I am here to leave a legacy for you, not property’.”

Turai, who lauded the organizers of the memorial lecture, said she was happy to be in their midst because the event was commemorating someone she loved dearly, adding that “each time there is an occasion in memory of Umaru , I must be there no matter how small the organizers are”.

She decried the low turnout at the lecture but said, “I will not blame them because they have other commitments… Umaru believed in commitments and gave his best in everything he did.”
The memorial lecture was organised as part of activities to mark the 2013 edition of UMYU’s Student Union Government Week

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