Friday, November 30, 2012


Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy who got married some months back to the C.E.O of Iroko Tv now uses her position as the wife to the C.E.O of Iroko Tv to victimize people who are not her friends in the industry.

She uses her position to influence some nollywood producers who partner with the husband by telling them what to do. By dictating which role she wants to play in the production.

Furthermore, we gathered from another source that after shooting movies with some actresses who most times acts bigger and better roles than she does, in the listing of the cast on their Iroko Tv site, she would insist that those names be EXEMPTED and most times would even put hers before the name of the star in a movie.

Also we heard that she would involve herself in every production that her husband partners with a producer to produce and she would insist on some people not being used in these jobs

Mrs Mary Remmy Njoku has been in the movie industry for long but stardom is not by force and cannot be bought, neither can it be obtained by stepping on peoples heads... She should take it easy because what goes around, must surely come around.

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